MachanNoob COD4 CFG | The Maximum FPS Download


  • FPS boosted to the maximum
  • Very small minimap icons. easy to locate red dots
  • Small and clean player list on scoreboard
  • Attack on red background. Defence on blue
  • Color binds with both natural and contrast colors
  • No fancy colors on texts or map

Promod Specific

Press - key : Drop Bomb
Press = key : Change special grenade

F1 : Assault
F2 : Specops
F3 : Demolitions
F4 : Sniper
F5 : Class menu

If you have 6 button / Gaming mouse
Click MOUSE4 button to Knife/Melee
Click MOUSE5 button to throw Smoke/Flash

Promod Graphics

Use the keys on number pad

key 1 : Switch between 125 and 250 fps
key 3 : Switch between 71 and 80 fov

key / : promod lightening (toggle it off for better visibility)
key * : toggle filmtweaks (needed for color enhancements below)

Color Enhancement (Natural colors)

Use keys on number pad

key 2 (down) - COLOR1 - high contrast
key 4 (left) - NORMAL - backlot, citystreets special
key 5 (mid) - NATURAL - clean vision
key 6 (right)- COOL - clean colors any map
key 8 (up) - COLOR2 - crash special
key 9 (nine) - COLOR3 - strike, crossfire special

Fun but Decent

Press . to say xD
Press I to say WP Press O to say GG


0 : Switch game volume between 0.04 and 0.9
F11 : Switch between different sizes in scoreboard player list
F12 : Get screenshot. This will be saved on current mod folder
Press , key for !xlrstats

Press arrow keys to say the following quickly to the team
UP: ^ up
DOWN: v down
LEFT: <<

Use + and - on numberpad to attack and aim.

[ = start recording demo
] = stop recording demo

Modify the following to the way you want

bind 0 "toggle sndvolume 0.04 0.8" (minimum and maximum sound volume in game)
bind KP
PGDN "toggle cg_fov 71.1111 80" (minimum and maximum FOV to toggle)